Did We Get A Hero

When I was young I was taught to call this guy “Father of the Nation” . But now in the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, I just don’t know how should I call him again. (Picture was taken in the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park in Hong Kong.)

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From Cheung Sha Wan to Shek Kip Mei 從長沙灣到石硤尾


I spotted an old lady pushing a load of vegetables along the road in Cheung Sha Wan. Every now and then someone will give a hand to her, and in case of obstacles the old lady will ask for help without any hesitation. That’s her way of solving her problem to transport the load back to Shek Kip Mei Market.

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Taipei Impression

Went to Taipei between 5/5 to 8/5 to hold a photo exhibition there with other members of  Lumenviusm, and wandering around in the city. I quite like the city and its people.

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Spring in the government public housing estate

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我的小小女 My dearest daughter


Althea helping the blind athletes in the New Year Eve Charitable Run. At the end she asked me to take this  playful picture.

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