Life at Sing Ping 昇坪生活

This is not the life desirable to everyone, but I am one of those who love such a life. A balanced society should have its own rural area to provide the agricultural products as well as an outlet for holiday retreats. I oppose the government’s move to scrape the farmlands in north-eastern New Territory for whatever excuses!


A home in Sing Ping Village 昇坪村人家

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誰人的新界 Whose New Territory


再談我們今天的新界不是叫人太傷感了嗎? Don’t you think it is too sentimental to talk about New Territory today?

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Critique of Critics

“What we need is a critique of visual culture that is alert to the power of images for good and evil and that is capable of discriminating the variety and historical specificity of their uses.” – W.J.T. Mitchell. Picture Theory (1994).
According to Mitchell critique of photography should be as straight forward as he has put, however after nearly twenty years, critics of our time seem to have worked in the opposite direction.

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龍年祝願 Well Wishes for the Year of the Dragon


Dragon has long been perching on the Chinese culture, such that even our communist mother country that has celebrated its fifty anniversary has chosen not to negate this particular grain of spiritual opium planted by our feudal or capitalistic ancestors. Looking at people’s enthusiasm towards the Year of the Dragon, particularly those who are prepared to give birth of their off springs, and those who are more than happy to reveal their Zodiac Sign of this mighty animal, I started to wonder will the ideology of “all man are equal” ever flourish in our country, or will it merely find its existence in a vase. The sheer belief of “born to be superior” is a temptation to every soul that won’t stir any guilty feelings at all, since it appears to be as natural as it can be. Yes, born to be wiser or stronger is a gift of nature, but to crave for it with all efforts is a behavior that we should give it a second thought, particularly in the light of the pressure that our society will have to face for an influx of non-resident mainland pregnant women in the Year of the Dragon, I think it is the prime time to re-sublime our culture in a modern light.

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Tiananmen and the Post 90’s

The Post 90’s, the candlelit, the Tienanmen Square, all unified into a harmonious piece in Hong Kong. All they want is nothing more than a humble wish, as to see their government rectify its own mistake.

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