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Life at Sing Ping 昇坪生活

Tweet This is not the life desirable to everyone, but I am one of those who love such a life. A balanced society should have its own rural area to provide the agricultural products as well as an outlet for … Continue reading

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誰人的新界 Whose New Territory


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Critique of Critics

Tweet “What we need is a critique of visual culture that is alert to the power of images for good and evil and that is capable of discriminating the variety and historical specificity of their uses.” – W.J.T. Mitchell. Picture … Continue reading

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龍年祝願 Well Wishes for the Year of the Dragon

Tweet 龍長久以來盤踞著中華文化,就連已慶祝了五十週年的共產主義祖國,對這種由封建或資本主義思想製造出來的精神鴉片還是採取一種視而不見的態度。看見人們對龍年的熱忱,特別是那些選擇在龍年產子,和那些愛將自已生肖屬龍掛在嘴邊的人,就令我開始懷疑「人人平等」的精神到底能否在這個國度內落地生根,還是只會被供奉在花瓶之內?單單生來就高人一等的想法,對任何人來說都是一種不會引起任何罪惡感的誘惑,因為這好像是很合乎自然的事情。是的,生來聰敏或健碩過人都是一種天賦。但為此而終日奔走強求便值得我們去反思,特別是在香港社會正因龍年而要面對來自大陸雙非孕婦潮沖撀的時候,我們更應好好地以現代的目光來重新昇華我們的傳統文化。 Dragon has long been perching on the Chinese culture, such that even our communist mother country that has celebrated its fifty anniversary has chosen not to negate this particular grain of spiritual opium planted by our feudal or … Continue reading

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Tiananmen and the Post 90’s

Tweet The Post 90’s, the candlelit, the Tienanmen Square, all unified into a harmonious piece in Hong Kong. All they want is nothing more than a humble wish, as to see their government rectify its own mistake.

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