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第十屆平遙國際攝影大展 Tenth Ping Yao Photo Fest

Tweet 平遙國際攝影節今年已是第十屆,當然比起攝影節的所在地-這座有六百多年歷史的平遙古城來說,十年只是個瞬間,與已有四十一年歷史的法國阿爾勒攝影節相比,它可算是個兒童,但它更像是個悸動中的少年,總愛在人前展示一身肌肉。許是青春無敵,雖然礙眼卻仍然令人憧憬。 The Ping Yao Photo Fest has entering its tenth anniversary. When compare with the 600-years-old City of Ping Yao, ten year is nothing but a blink. When compare to the 41-years-old photo fest of Arles, France, Ping Yao … Continue reading

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