June-4 2017

Tonight I can still see the flame is swaying


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他們就是民主 They are democracy

 (Leon Suen)
To night countless youngsters come out to express their thirst for democracy, their handsets flash faintly, but their souls shone over Hong Kong.

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我們的願望 Our Wish

小小的一個城市 - 香港,卑微的一個願望 - 一個公平合理的選舉制度

Such a tiny little city – Hong Kong
Such a tiny little wish – a just and reasonable electoral system
Such a strong motherland with 1200 million of people choose to ignore
What do they afraid of

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6.4 25


Twenty-five year is like a blink, perhaps that is why many of the rulers like to use the tactic of ‘drag-on’ to respond to people’s claim. For the rulers they count on day, but people’s seek of justice will pass on forever.

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紅花嶺上 Atop The Robin’s Nest

它 在我們的北面寛大而肥沃
曾在這兒屯守的殖民者如今安在 卻
憑誰去擦掉「新界」這污名 和

它 消減了 可
仍有人在播種和高歌 只是
望著它 在慟哭


It stood wide and fertile in the northeast
Safeguarding those who sowed and sang
Where gone the others once stationed there
Making a colony, their Robin’s Nest

And by whom will the defamed name “New Territories” be removed
And the handout of small plots for descedents refuted?

It stands not as wide and as fertile as it was
Yet still safeguards those who sow and sing
Whereas those who toil do not own the land
And those who own the land will sing for it no more

Atop our mountain
I hear the howl and wail

(p.s. the English version has been revised by my friend Maria Madeleine)

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